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be light.

Lighten up your workdays with our state-of-the-art dental lamps.

Adapt the
Both of our lamps can be operated in two levels of light intensity. This offers you a comfortable and fast way of switching between the usual operations and working with composite materials.
Become the master
of lightning.
Control your light with ease in every situation. It doesn’t matter if you work solo or with an assistant. Both of our lamps are controllable via contactless sensors directly placed on the lamp, foot controller or on your assistants control panel.
The new shadowless Diplomat Xenos LED lamp enables the use of all advantages of the light source of the third millennium. LED technology represents the state-of-the-art in cool lighting sources, and its outstanding characteristics include: high light output up to 30,000 lux enabling the viewer to see even the smallest details clearly with minimum power consumption, pleasant and natural white light with the hue of a sunny day at 5500K, or the extraordinary long life-time of the light medium.
Technical parameters
Power supply
34 V DC ± 10%
Maximum power input
10 W
Type of shock protection
Class II equipment
Optimum light spot in the distance of
0,7 M
Nominal dimensions of the light spot
MAX. 70 X 160 MM
Correlated colour temperature
3 700 – 4 000 K
Light intensity
8 000 LX – 26 000 LX
1 KG ± 0,1 KG
Force on handle necessary for manipulation
MAX. 30 N
MAIA is a Faro patented optical system with removable and sterilizable handles and a new electronic board which ensures the perfect compatibility with the video acquisition systems and diagnostic tools. The light intensity produced is in a range from 3.000 to 35.000 lux. It is equipped with an advanced electronic device that manages the regulation from maximum to minimum brightness, in order to assure a constant color temperature at every level.

Technical parameters
Illumination intensity
3 000 LX – 35 000 LX
Colour temperature
5000 K
Power supply
24 V
Power consumption
9 VA
Light source
Light field
170 x 85 MM
Illuminant cooling
Fan less design
Removable, sterilisable

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